MUSTI – Body strengthening – replacing fat with lean muscle. This is where we give the benefit of using different external equipment’s and weights which helps your body structure itself and build muscle and bone. On an average every male losses 5% of muscle and bone every 10 Years and every female losses 10% of muscle and bone. Musti is where we help you retain and revive that lost muscle and bone helping your body function like a young machine.

In Ayurveda fat is called Medas Dhatu, also called oily tissues. When the fat concentration in the body increases it results in lethargy and the onset of many diseases especially, lifestyle diseases. Musti is where we focus on replacing this fat with muscle by giving you unique workouts that tones the body, tightens the skin, improves blood circulation and gives that shiny supple appearance to the skin. Anyone who is suffering with weak joints, stiffness in the body, lack of strength and improper weight gain will find Musti very effective on them and they will feel the difference before and after the workout when the hormones will surge in their body and that will lead to a healthy and strong body.