ZRAMA – A combat style body conditioning using your own body weight. Works on increasing your heart rate and speeding up blood flow throughout the body. The best form of workout to build stamina and get maximum fat burn. Zrama has been derived from Ayurveda where it is believed that the more the body is utilized the better the quality of life and the longevity of the lifespan. It is the best form of workout for any age group and it is the oldest way of working out where we do not require any equipment or any gear. This can be done in any weather conditions and at any location.

Zrama helps our body release hormones and helps us build it at any age. People of younger age do not need to think if this is good for them and people of older age do not need to worry whether they can perform this form of workout. A complete full body fitness regime which once done gives quality results on a long term.